A conference for the whole community young and old; town and country; activist and the curious; scientist and layman.


Watch live or re-watch on YouTube.


The conference will provide a platform to reflect on the lessons from the coronavirus pandemic for dealing with the urgent problem of climate change.

2-3:30pm on Saturday 31 October

Via Zoom

Six key questions to be addressed:


  • Why have we been able to respond to the coronavirus crisis so dramatically and change our behaviour?

  • Are there lessons to be learned for the climate crisis?


  • Will the rapid growth of renewables tackle the climate crisis or must far more be done?

  • Why would it be foolish to think scientists may be wrong and therefore we needn't do anything to fight climate change?


  • How far should the UK lead the world in CO2 reduction?

  • What can and should we do in Norfolk to reduce CO2 emissions and adapt to global warming?

Speakers include Pablo Salas Bravo, Jake Fiennes, Hayley Pinto, Jeff Price, Rupert Read & Philip Richardson.

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